Gas vs. Oil - Which is Better?

Price- While it is true that natural gas was cheaper on most days than heating your home with oil last winter, oil heat has been cheaper than natural gas fifteen of the last eighteen winters. In a world of economic volatility where commodity prices are changing every day, it is unwise to conclude that one source of heat shall be cheaper than another based on six months of evidence, when twenty years of evidence contradict that conclusion.

Oil is expected to be cheaper than gas, most of the time, over the next ten years.

Which is greener? The soon to be enacted legislation signed by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick mandates that home heating oil will continue to pollute less, putting our product (which is technically known as #2 ultra low sulphur off-road diesel) at or below natural gas for carbon emissions.

Service- The difference is like night and day. At Jamie Oil an actual person, a customer service representative, answers the phone. The gas utility does not have human beings that answer questions from customers the same way an oil company does.  Also, ask any natural gas customer what they pay for comparable repairs of identical parts such as circulators, zone valves, etc., and you’ll find the gas utility charges about twice what we do, if they are even willing to come out and do the job!

And we’re local, which means we support the local economy much better than a regional energy monopoly.  We sponsor the local little leagues, and we use the two banks.  Our trucks are fueled and repaired by Metro West business people that operate in the towns our customers live in.  Like us, they hire Metro West residents.  A dollar sent to Jamie Oil is a dollar that gets recirculated in the towns we live in.  It stays right here on Main Street as opposed to going out of the area and to the pockets of Wall Street.

Safety- Oil is safer than gas, much safer.  Period.