How to Prepare for Next Winter

Many of our customers have already contacted us about oil prices and the programs that will be available for the season. While it is very difficult to forecast future events, we would like to keep you informed of the trends that the industry is generally presenting.

Consider joining our budget program which allows you to "spread" your heating expense over ten monthly payments. Look into practical energy saving solutions that work for you, such as turning down your thermostats, using storm windows, insulating problematic areas, etc. Most importantly, make sure you have your heating oil equipment tuned up annually.

Over the past 30 years, heating with oil has been much cheaper than natural gas, and oil is expected to maintain the advantage over gas in the future. Jamie Oil has consistently offered the best and most affordable fixed oil price programs to the suburban Boston market. Please note that some local oil companies no longer offer fixed price programs during the winter season.

The best advice that we can offer is to prepare early so that you can relax later knowing that you have taken care of your heating needs. Don't wait until November to make a plan. Jamie Oil offers fixed price programs in the summer, so call our office to find out your options. Sign up for the budget program early so that you are not facing those larger bills during December, January, and February. Call us today to schedule your cleaning appointment.

Jamie Oil continues to be rated #1 in MetroWest and when times are difficult and the temperature drops, we put the most experienced staff in the area to work for our customers, delivering quality and energy saving every day of the year. Be confident that Jamie Oil offers all the products, services, and price programs necessary for you to deal with whatever oil prices may do.

Call us today to find out what Jamie Oil can do for you!