A Time to Conserve Energy

This season Jamie Oil offers the following suggestions:

Conserving energy is our best strategy. As fuel costs rise, so do our savings when we conserve. Make sure your storm windows are in place by November first. Turn down the thermostat in rooms that are not being used, but be careful in extreme cold, zones have frozen in houses when the temperature is set too low. Make sure you are not losing heat through an open fireplace damper, or attic hatch. Consider insulating areas of your home where you know heat is escaping. Remember that oil heat continues to be a most economical source of comfort and that natural gas has cost more than oil in recent years. Heating oil has been cheaper than gas in nine of the last ten years. Turning down your thermostats can reduce your heating bills by ten percent.

Study your fuel consumption. If you are consuming more than four gallons of oil for every ten square feet of heated living space in your home, your house could be considered to be inefficient. For example, an average house of 2000 square feet of living space should use no more than 800 gallons of oil for heating purposes. While we discourage our customers from purchasing overpriced computerized thermostats, replacing an old inefficient boiler can sometimes cut your heating bills in half.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at 508-231-1400 and we will be happy to assist you.